Why Select UserAid

We provide the comprehensive, turn-key solution you need so you can focus on other areas. We work with you to provide guidance from our varied experience while ensuring our solutions fit within your processes and methods. Our approach provides many benefits to our clients:

Industry-Leading Experience

UserAid information developers have many years of experience developing various forms of software documentation content for large corporations, such as IBM, Compaq, Mission Critical Software, NetIQ, and Advanced Micro Devices. Our past projects include prototyping and developing an early OS/2 online help system for IBM. We are also well known for our embedded help solutions.

We present educational sessions each year at several conferences, such as the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and the WritersUA conferences. In many cases, we are asked to share our knowledge and expertise in the area of embedded help design and development. We have also presented about HTML, single-sourcing, JavaScript, and many management-focused topics. In addition to these speaking engagements, we have won several STC awards for the documentation we have produced.

Consistent High Quality

UserAid team members are reliable and have vast experience in producing content at a very high quality level. Development teams and others in our industry have praised our attention to detail and track record for outstanding documentation and design. Working with UserAid ensures you have predictable results on every project, and consistent high quality.

Ideal Team Size

The ebb and flow of software release cycles can make it difficult to manage resources. For example, you may have a large team of writers without enough work to keep them all busy, or you may have a small team of writers that is overworked during release cycles. UserAid helps smooth out resource levels so you have just the right number of team members working on your project. Working with a large number of clients lets the UserAid team leverage knowledge to help each other and expand your team as necessary.

Latest Technologies

UserAid uses the latest appropriate technologies to develop your documentation, Web sites, and training programs. We share our expertise across clients to use proven technologies and methods that reduce quality testing cycles. Smaller companies benefit from a team with experience in many areas of product design and development.