What Our Clients Say

We are honored to share with you many comments from our clients. These relationships are the key to our success.

Featured Client Quote

“I have been part of, and dealt with, many vendor teams in the past, and you come across as highly technical, very experienced, and capable of delivering the goods, but without any of the bloated ego that usually goes with the position! You are a rarity in your field, and as projects arise in the future, I will certainly steer them your way.”

Additional Quotes

“Paul knows our company inside and out, and he works with others to implement new ideas and improved processes.”

“You have made a significant improvement to the web site content, look, and feel…brilliant.”

“I’ve never worked with someone so pleasant and competent.”

“…the best Information Development professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

“An incredible ability to take my words and translate them into visual images that clearly communicate ideas.”

“Outstanding presentation. Clear structure, detailed handout, and just the right depth of information.”

“…applies resources and manages scope so we get the best quality deliverables that we can afford.”

“Paul is the Don Box of Information Development. A great discussion leader.”

“…provides top-quality documentation seemingly without effort…does it right the first time.”

“Our team was very impressed with your style and talent.”

“…among the brightest and most dedicated technical writers with whom I have ever worked.”