About Us

UserAid provides comprehensive, turn-key solutions to help you get the most from your products. We offer a large variety of services to help you deliver intuitive products with solid messaging and supporting information. UserAid delivers superior solutions by combining exceptional writing, design, and project management skills with technical knowledge and expertise.

UserAid hires the best in the industry to deliver the top-quality solutions you need. Our team members have many years of experience in the software industry, writing about technology, designing user interfaces, and communicating complex concepts in a way your users can understand. We have technical backgrounds, and we interact easily with your development teams. When working on your project, we become subject matter experts, serving as an extension of your team to give you the most value.

Our team members manage each project from design to delivery, including budgeting and time scheduling. We provide a complete solution that saves you time so you can focus on other, more critical areas of your business.

UserAid provides industry-leading documentation designs using the latest technologies and methods. We deliver information to your users when and where they need it while ensuring our solutions meet your established guidelines and standards. With single-sourcing and design techniques, we address your immediate needs and reduce future maintenance costs. Our documentation includes strategy and best practices information that adds value to your product — documentation your customers will pay for and read.

UserAid provides a flexible approach with a fixed-cost service model based on your specific needs. A fixed-cost model allows us to forge long-term relationships with our clients. We value working with you to deliver the best possible solution, within the financial guidelines you need.