UserAid provides the turn-key information design and delivery solutions you need to provide and sell complete, intuitive software products. The customized services we provide are based on understanding your needs, furnishing a comprehensive solution, and developing a long-term partnership through a fixed-cost model. For more information, please contact us.

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I have been part of, and dealt with, many vendor teams in the past, and so far you’ve come across as highly technical, very experienced, and capable of delivering the goods, but without any of the bloated ego that usually goes with the position! You are a rarity in your field, and as projects arise in the future, I will certainly steer them your way.

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March 3-6, 2014: WritersUA Conference in Palm Springs, CA

March 22, 2014: Mid-Atlantic Tech Comm Conference in Philadelphia, PA

April 13-15, 2014: Spectrum 2014 Conference in Rochester, NY

May 18-21, 2014: Tech Comm Summit (STC) in Phoenix, AZ

October 13-15, 2014: LavaCon in Portland, OR

November 11-13, 2014: tcworld in Stuttgart, Germany


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"...the best Information Development professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

"Our team was very impressed with your style and talent."

"...applies resources and manages scope so we get the best quality deliverables that we can afford."

"...provides top-quality documentation seemingly without effort...does it right the first time."

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